Design Engineering Challenges

Many of the lessons found in Friendly Physical Science are accompanied by a design engineering challenge. These challenges are based upon the concepts presented in the lesson and challenge the student to create a model or device which meets specific requirements. For example, the first lesson (with the measurement of length as the lesson objective) asks the student to create a photo frame with a specific perimeter. A later lesson which presents the concepts of potential and kinentic energy asks the student to create a vehicle which can travel a specified distance demonstrating the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy. As the lessons continue, complexity of each challenge increases. Note that these design engineering challenges are optional activities in the course   In addition to design engineering challenges, there are a number of more traditional lab activities such as exploring with magnetism, electromagnets, light and heat

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Design Challenges Gallery

Successful (and not-so-successful, yet learned from :)) Design Challenge Projects 
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