Friendly Physical Science Authors and Illustrator

Joey and Lisa Hajda (pronounced hi-duh as in hidaway) are the home schooling parents of ten children, aged 12-33. Joey has a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine and a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. He has taught at the middle, high school and community college levels for over 25 years. Lisa has bachelors degrees in animal and veterinary science and a masters degree in elementary curriculum and instruction. Their children have been homeschooled through high school. Joey and Lisa are also the authors of Friendly Biology, Friendly Chemistry and Friendly Anatomy (Bovine Skeletal System).

Charlotte Jane Hajda, illustrator, is the ninth child of Joey and Lisa and is a ninth grader at Great Hills Homeschool.  Creating graphic illustrations and acting in local theater productions are her favorite pastimes.

Student Textbook Flip-through

Student Textbook

Take a close-up look inside the Friendly Physical Science student textbook.