List of Lab Supplies


Ruler (both inches and centimeters)
Meter stick or meter stick/yard stick combination
Tape measure (seamstress or carpenter's type work fine)
Craft knife (Xacto knife)
Wire cutter or pliers
Wood glue
Hot glue gun and sticks
Hand saw or access to electric scroll saw
Drill or access to small drill press


Assortment of wood sticks, strips, dowels, wheels of various sizes, tongue depressors/popsicle sticks, rubber bands, tacks, cardboard pieces, foam board, index cards, elastic, buttons, soda straws, wire, pipe cleaners, foil, wax paper, paper clips, binder clips, fish tank hose, syringes, nails, screws, thread spools, empty bobbins, etc. We suggest you inventory your craft supplies first and then see if you need to purchase additional supplies. Note that construction toys like K’nex or Legos will work well for these design challenges.


Graduated cylinder (glass is ideal, that measures in 1 mL increments, 50 mL total)
Measuring cups - can be used and then returned to kitchen
Canning jars - quart and pint are ideal
Kitchen scale - electronic is ideal, measures in grams
Can of table salt
Syringes - insulin syringes are ideal that measure 1 mL or cc and then 10 or 20 cc syringe (no needles needed!)
Small rock
Small piece of styrofoam
Plastic spoon
String - about 1.5 meters
Stop watch - one on phone works fine
Playing card - just one
Coin - quarter is ideal
Egg - can be boiled to reduce chance of mess, but shell not cracked
Nails - 1-2
Small board to which you’ll nail-in the nails and then pull out with hammer
Unopened can of paint (optional)
Screwdriver (optional )
Nutcracker - squeeze type
Walnuts or other hard nuts
Can opener - manual type (optional)
Bicycle with multi gears (optional)
Aquarium tubing - size that will fit over end of syringe tightly
Various sizes of syringes - small and then at least a 30 or 60 cc syringe-available at farm store or pet supply stores
Strong magnets - any shape will do, ceramic are ideal, alnico are excellent
Large sewing needle
Cork or index card
Bowl which can hold water - cereal bowl is ideal
Glass pie plate
Piece of plexiglass that can cover this pie plate
Piece of animal fur - cap or coat collar will usually work
Copper wire - about 12 inches
Cork or rubber stopper
Clear flask or glass container with narrow neck so that cork or rubber stopper will fit into
Flashlight batteries - 1-2 C or D cell batteries
Christmas bulbs - if you have a non-working blinking strand, cut out 1-2 lights with attached wires
Telephone wire - also known as bell wire, insulated
Large nail or soft iron core - cores are available in packs on Amazon
Magnifying glass or other lens
White construction paper - 1-2 sheets
Black construction paper - 1-2 sheets
Small photovoltaic cell (solar panel) - optional - can scavenge one from outdoor lights or toys
Copper pipe - see Lesson 20 on sound; this is for making a set of pipe chimes for family/group use
Thermometer - one that can be safely used to measure temperature of water up to boiling point
Stove top heat source where you can boil water
Marshmallows - regular size
Old metal spoon (that won’t go back into service after lab use)
Candle holder or base on which to stand a burning candle
Matches or lighter