Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons are there in Friendly Physical Science?

Friendly Physical Science consists of 22 lessons. Lessons range from 10 to 25 pages of text. Time to complete a lesson (without lab or design engineering project) varies usually being 1.5-2 hours. We recommend doing one lesson per week over a school year.  The design engineering projects may take 1-2 weeks for completion.

Can I see samples of these lessons?

Yes, go to the Sample Lessons page of this website.

What are the design engineering challenges like that are found in Friendly Physical Science?

The design engineering challenges found in Friendly Physical Science allow students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the lesson they’ve just completed. Research has shown that when students apply what they’ve learned in a creative way and then evaluate what they’ve created, they tend to retain the concept much longer and then apply it again later in their lives. The challenges are challenging and some students may struggle at first as they may not have had these kinds of experiences in the past. After successful completion of the first challenge, students tend to look forward to the next challenge and meet it with greater confidence. We are compiling photos of successful (and even non-successful) attempts at completing the challenges These photos can be found on our Labs page where you can refer to ideas others have used to complete the challenges and then submit your own! Note that there is really no one right way to complete these challenges; we only encourage open-mind experimentation with ideas utilizing the concepts presented. The challenges are meant to be fun learning experiences.

Are there more “traditional” labs included in Friendly Physical Science?
Yes! In addition to the design engineering labs, there are hands-on labs designed to enhance the concepts presented in the lessons. The materials and equipment are readily found in your home or grocery or drug store. The labs are safe and require no special disposal at the end of the lab.  See a list of recommended lab supplies here.

Are there worksheets for Friendly Physical Science?

Yes, worksheets are found in the Student Workbook (sold separately from the student textbook). There are 1-2 worksheets for each lesson in the course which allow students to practice the concepts presented in the lessons. The Student Workbook is considered a consumable component of the curriculum. Answers to these worksheet questions are found in the Tests and Solutions Manual (also sold separately).

Are there tests for Friendly Physical Science?

Yes, tests are found in the Tests and Solutions Booklet. There is one test per lesson and all questions are multiple choice. Number of questions per test varies with the complexity and length of the lesson.  A pdf version of the tests is available to make printing more convenient.  See our order page.

Is there an audiobook version of Friendly Physical Science?

Yes!  Find details here.

Can completion of Friendly Physical Science suffice for a high school science credit?

Yes. While requirements vary from state-to-state, the content and labs presented in Friendly Physical Science are comparable to any high school level physical science course taught in the public schools.

What are the credentials of the authors of Friendly Physical Science?

Joey has taught science courses to high school and community college students for over 30 years. His undergraduate training was in animal science and graduate degree in veterinary medicine (DVM) was completed at Texas A&M University. He also holds a masters degree in secondary and higher eduction (curriculum and instruction design) from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M at Commerce) and has completed coursework towards his doctorate in education.

Lisa's undergraduate training was also in animal science at Texas A&M University with graduate work done in the College of Veterinary Medicine. She holds a masters degree in elementary education from East Texas State University and has completed coursework towards her doctorate degree in education as well. She has homeschooled all ten of their children. Six have now graduated; three have finished their bachelors degrees and two more are in progress.

If I need help teaching Friendly Physical Science or setting-up a lab, can I get assistance from you?

Yes! An aspect that sets our curriculum apart from others is the fact that we are available five evenings a week to help you teach your course. We can be reached by phone, text or email and are always ready to help you be successful with your students.  Find contact information on our Contact Us page.  For the design engineering challenges, we are compiling photos of successful (and non-successful!) attempts at completing the challenges with the intent of creating a webpage on this site where you can refer to ideas others have used to complete the challenges.

Are the design engineering challenges required for completion of this course?

No, the design engineering challenges are not required for successful completion of this course.  While we strongly encourage a student attempt these challenges, we understand that this approach may not fit the learning styles of all students.   We recommend that if you choose to purchase Friendly Physical Science that you have your child at least attempt the first one or two challenges before choosing to not utilize this approach to learning.  A child may have never had the experience of constructing a model which has to meet specific requirements and you may find he or she really enjoys the process.  

Do you offer any discounts to help with purchasing your curriculum?

Yes, we offer a 15% discount for co-op groups purchasing our curriculum who can make a single order for their supplies. Active military families can also receive a 15% discount. Active missionary families can recieve a 25% discount. To learn more about these discounts, please send us an email message with your request. Send to

Can you ship Friendly Physical Science overseas?

Yes, we can ship to any location which is served by If you have special needs regarding an order, please contact us. We may have different options available to make the process easier for you.

Do you have curriculum available for other science subjects?

Yes, we have three other courses available which fit very well to follow Friendly Physical Science.  

Friendly Biology is another hands-on, minds-on course filled with straight-forward explanations and lab experiences to open the world of living things to students in a gentle, non-overwhelming way.

Friendly Chemistry, now in its fourth edition, has been on the market for over twenty years. It has had remarkable success at preparing students for successful work at the college level. It is available for use with co-op groups of students as well as a one-student approach.

Friendly Anatomy: The Bovine Skeletal System
 is available for students desiring a foundation course of the skeletal system. Coming soon is the musculature system to be followed by the circulatory and nervous systems. While these courses focus on the cow as the primary model, most all concepts can be directly applied to other domestic animal species.

Is your curriculum available through other suppliers?

Yes, our curriculum can be found in the Timberdoodle Company catalog, the Rainbow Resource catalog,  Barnes and Noble Bookstores (as well as many other online booksellers) and

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Student Textbook

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