Friendly Physical Science

By Joey Hajda DVM MEd and Lisa B. Hajda MEd
Illustrated by Charlotte J. Hajda

Friendly Physical Science opens the world of measurement, simple machines, forces, electricity and so much more to your upper middle school or high school student.

Topics covered include:

- an introduction to the metric and English systems of measurement
- calculation of surface area and volume of regularly and irregularly-shaped objects
- mass
- density
- buoyancy
- forms of energy
- time, speed, velocity and acceleration
- Newton's laws of motion
- work and simple machines
- classes of levers
- the wheel and axle
- pulleys
- the inclined plane, wedge and screw
- pressure
- magnetism
- electricity and electromagnetism
- light- sound
- heat energy
- an introduction to chemistry

265 pages; 22 lessons        ISBN:  1797048872

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Student Textbook

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